Mindfulness Meditation

no-mudBased on traditional forms of Buddhist meditation, our ‘Mindfulness meditation’ classes are designed to relax, center, and balance the body and mind by bringing direct awareness and deep insight into the fundamental truth of change and impermanence that characterizes all of reality at every level.

Learn to bring attention to your breathing, and to the sensations of the body. Observe thoughts and emotions from a dis-engaged, non-attached perspective. Let go of your mind’s continuous chatter and experience reality more directly, without the need to always react.

Many of us often go on unintentional ‘roller-coaster-rides’ of cravings, desires, and clinging, followed by aversion, anger, and resistance; a never-ending cycle of grasping for experiences we ‘like’, and rejecting those we ‘dislike’. With Mindfulness we can experience reality more directly, without the need to always react emotionally to positive or negative experiences, without the endless swing between happiness and unhappiness, that can be so exhausting and draining for our energy.  We can learn to rest in a peaceful calmness deep within ourselves.

So come sit with us and get a new perspective on life!


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