1. I’ve never meditated before and was wondering if your meditation classes are ok for beginners?

Absolutely! No previous meditation experience is necessary to participate in the Mindfulness Meditation or the Mindfulness Yoga classes. All classes are guided, so you don’t have to worry about knowing what to do.

2. I am not very flexible. Can I still do the Mindfulness Yoga?

Most certainly! The emphasis of our Mindfulness Yoga class is primarily on developing Mindfulness and non-judgmental awareness, not so much on ‘stretching’ or ‘exercise’. The class is very gentle and incorporates some simple breathing and movement exercises, which are appropriate for any level of flexibility. Please, wear loose, comfortable clothing to this class.

3. What do I have to bring to the class?

You don’t need to bring anything for our classes. We do provide meditation cushions and benches, and we also have yoga mats, and other related yoga props. Of course, if you prefer to bring your own cushion or mat, you’re welcome to do so. Loose, comfortable clothing is helpful for either class. We do recommend long pants and long-sleeved shirts, since there is either no or very little movement involved in our classes, and we’d like you to stay warm and comfortable.

4. What is the cost for the classes?

Pricing varies per class. See our calendar listings for the cost of each individual class.

5. How long are the classes?

The Meditation classes are around 60-90 minutes in total (don’t worry it’s not all sitting, but there is also some talking involved). The Mindfulness Yoga class usually runs about 90 minutes.

6. Do I have to convert to Buddhism to meditate?

No! Meditation is for anyone, regardless of your personal religious beliefs. While our classes are based on the traditional teachings of Buddhism, most of the ‘religious’ overtones and rituals have been removed, and the main emphasis of our classes is on the technique of ‘Mindfulness’ practice. Many of these Mindfulness techniques are now being taught in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country.

For those who want to learn more about Buddhism, we do also offer Dharma Theory classes throughout the year, which delve deeper in the underlying Buddhist foundations (e.g. The Four Noble Truths, 8-fold path, etc.)

7. Do you offer private classes?

Yes! If our scheduled group-classes don’t fit into your schedule, we can arrange a day, time, and location that works for you and give you personal one-on-one instructions in meditation or mindfulness yoga.

The hourly rate for private classes is $125.00/hr. with a minimum charge of one hour. If you are interested in multiple one-on-one sessions, we offer a punchcard for four 60 minutes sessions for $400.00 (a 20% discount per session). Please note, punchcards are non-transferrable and must be used by the same student.

Private classes are generally taught at the student’s location of choice, or, if that’s not possible, we can rent out a local yoga studio at an additional cost. A maximum of three additional participants can be added at a discounted rate (20% off per additional student). Private classes are only offered within Anchorage city limits (excl. Eagle River & Girdwood).

If you would like to schedule a private class, please email us at: [email protected]

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