What participants are saying about Snow Buddha Yoga classes:9115130_a8899b18af-2

‘Nice folks, comfortable atmosphere. Very good.’ (Michelle)

‘It was wonderful and relaxing’ (Katharina)

‘It’s great to get exposed to another version of meditation. And for me, I am more likely to do something if there is a group or class… I’m a procrastinator and distractor. So thank you for opening up this space and time to practice’ (L.A.)

‘Great guided meditations’ (Greg)

‘This is a very nice group with good leadership and I have very much enjoyed my sessions. I find both the guided meditation and listening to the information provided to be very relevant. It is always useful to my practice and helpful in my exploration of Vipassana and Buddhism. Gratitude and blessings.’ (Michele)

‘Like!’ (Chris)

‘I think everyone could benefit from this type of meditation.’ (Deborah)


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